Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review: Karmic Relationships Vol 4

Karmic Relationships Vol 4: Esoteric Studies: 004 Karmic Relationships Vol 4: Esoteric Studies: 004 by Rudolf Steiner
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In this book, the last lecture Rudolf Steiner ever gave is included. He wasn't able to finish it.

Springing from Powers of the Sun,
Radiant Spirit-powers, blessing all Worlds!
For Michael's garment of rays
Ye are predestined by Thought Divine.
He, the Christ-messenger, revealeth in you —
Bearing mankind aloft — the sacred Will of Worlds.
Ye, the radiant Beings of Aether-Worlds,
Bear the Christ-Word to Man.
Thus shall the Heralds of Christ appear
To the thirstily waiting souls,
To whom your Word of Light shines forth In cosmic age of Spirit-Man.
Ye, the disciples of Spirit-Knowledge,
Take Michael's Wisdom beckoning,
Take the Word of Love of the Will of Worlds Into your soul's aspiring, a c t i v e l y !

When the audiobook reader said these words, I felt as if I were conveyed forward in thought by a higher power than me. Light touched me, as if saying: "You know what to do. Do it now."

This world is dark. There is little light anywhere. This darkness encloses on me, on everyone, like a vice, pressing down on us, making us long for something we cannot have. We do not want to step forward, dance, sing, let our light so shine, so that light comes forward though the softness in that dance that Ahrimanic darkness would harden. But we deserve more than his lies.

I, for one, am done with Ahriman. Good riddance. I am done checking frantically on Instagram, narcissistically hoping for a garment that would clothe me and make me safe. I am done with neediness. I am done with fear. I am done with envious lust. Ahriman, I will not fear to sting you.

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