Saturday, May 20, 2017

Instagram: Improv as a Spiritual Release Valve

After randomly opening #BeelzebubsTalesToHisGrandson by G. I. #Gurdjieff, I stumbled on this page where the alien Beelzebub describes an odd kind of theater-ritual that people on earth used to perform. The idea is for someone to "listen to" and "illustrate" "the state of his own inner 'associative-general-psychic-experiencings.'" It works like this: a man would introspect and find that he had an emerging urge to punch an 'Irodohahoon,' otherwise known as a policeman. Finding this urge offensive to him, he decides to "act it out" in a way that is not just safe, but actually beneficial. So...he turns to "the other learned being who has come onto the stage with him" and treats him like a policeman, giving they epic dashed monologue in the photo. He says it spontaneously, "acting from" the impulse the wanted to punch the policeman. Moreover, the second man acts like a policeman from that point onward, and since he acted like a "chief physician" in his rant, he takes on that role. It's like a big improv game, only more sacred. Then more and more people get roped in, each one acting out what the spontaneous "associative-general-psychic-experiencings" spits out. As such, a train of "soul-force" (for lack of a better term) gets elaborated. It's a way of illustrating the spiritual forces that long to act out given the right opportunities. For Beelzebub seems to suggest that any impulse (to punch a policeman, for instance) is good and needed even if it's not acceptable to act it out in *this* way. Transmutation is the way, not repression. In brief, an objective improv (it has to be objective) can serve as a way to disclose spiritual realities. By just acting spontaneously and "acting from" the feelings that rise up in you, giving yourself to "become" the feelings and acting like the feelings want you to act, holding nothing back, you completely embody them. Think of the potential! Think of what you always wanted to do but weren't allowed to. Maybe it's even something violent. Wouldn't you feel so much better if you let it be acted out safely? What would you feel? What would you learn? What would embody itself? #spiritual #enneagram #God #LDS #archetype #occult
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review: Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation and Karma: Two Fundamental Truths of Human Existence Reincarnation and Karma: Two Fundamental Truths of Human Existence by Rudolf Steiner
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Reincarnation as a karmic correction mechanism - the deficits of one life are healed by the unique circumstances of the next. Moreover, what is inner in this life, freely chosen and willingly developed, becomes the "background" of the next life. For instance, the mathematician will have good vision in her next life, and the male (the inside-out of the woman) will generally become female in his next incarnation. The faithful become intelligent and vice versa, while the skeptical become stupid and vice versa. The innerlife is generally a correspondential match (in Swedenborg's sense) of the outer circumstances or "facticity" of the next.

Moreover, you can get a sense for your past life by imagining everything that you instinctually turn away from in this life and willing it as if you loved it, entering into it with your will and feelings. This is alien, but it will give a good sense of what "willed" your life.

As a man who grew up in a theater who has poor eyesight and autism, who hates anything physical but who is very intelligent, I can paint a picture of my "past life" just for fun: a down-to-earth, very concrete woman who loves life and has a simple faith, who happened to be an actress or a dancer.

As a Latter-day Saint, I don't believe in reincarnation, but I believe in work for the dead. A la Jung's Red Book, the dead seek compensation for the deficits of their life in the actions of the living. Indeed, that's the only way you *can* change after death - Joseph Smith says in the King Follett Discourse that knowledge can only be gained in this world, and Swedenborg says that this world forms the "jello mold" that makes our spirit in the spiritual world. You can only change by going to where "the rubber meets the road" - this life.

As such, I take my "past life" in this book to refer to my Jungian "shadow," which in the context of his Red Book actually *is* the dead that claim me for compensation.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Instagram: Swedenborg on Why You Don't Have a Testimony Yet

For #SwedenborgSaturday, here's #Swedenborg talking about the internal meaning of Genesis 42:4, where Jacob is reluctant to let Benjamin go down to Egypt. Symbolically, it's about lending #spiritual life to your testimony. You may read the #Bible or the #BookofMormon dutifully, but still have no testimony. You can search and plod along its verses without getting a feeling sense. This is natural and it always happens for a time. When Joseph (who *is* the divine truth you can't feel) can recognize his brothers (your beginner's testimony) but not vice versa, that's what it depicts. It's as if that divine truth thinks to itself while you're reading #scripture in this unfeeling way: "Why don't they see me?! Isn't it obvious who I am?!" #Divine truth can see you; you just can't see it. To fix this, you need an "intermediate" principle: Benjamin, whom the brothers "left at home." For he is the "bridge" between divine light and your everyday mind. If light flows into your testimony, Benjamin is the pipe in which it flows. He's like a slide from inner to outer, making the transition smooth. As such, he's very similar to what #RudolfSteiner says about the "#ethericbody." Like Benjamin, the etheric is the presence of the internal *in* the external. You feel it/him as a quality of attention, of presence. When you feel your body at every moment, the #etheric is strong. So also when your handwriting is good. Spiritually, it's the quality that lets you act and speak with spiritual spontaneity, from the #Spirit - an unblocked throat, an automatic transmission. To heal, you need to be starved like Jacob in the seven-year famine. When you prevent the etheric from coming out, it's as if you're a scared parent trying to keep your son from danger. But if you can only get (spiritual) food from letting him go, you can be sure that it'll be easier to do so at some point, if only from desperation. By freeing your life from your body's grasping tension, you'll feel so much better than you did before. You can feel where before was only fear. There is a #light that wasn't there before. Brittleness becomes flexibility. Death becomes life. #spirituality #LDS #Mormon #Christ #faith #love
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Instagram: How to See Spiritually

This is an passage by #RudolfSteiner, from an awesome lecture called "Identification with the Signs and Spiritual Realities of the Imaginative (#Imaginal) World." It describes how you enter the spiritual world. The first thing you do is wholly lose yourself in your thoughts. Don't hold back. If your "self-ness" is the rocky shore, dive into the ocean. This is a wholly concrete experience that is very alien to many. Nevertheless, keep a window open to consciousness. This is hard; you'll be tempted just to fall asleep, but if you keep the tension between consciousness and this "diving," you'll begin to notice something. You'll start to see images. But this isn't the spiritual world. Not yet. Instead, it's a projection of the realities of the spiritual world into images from your mind.To really enter the spiritual world, you have to "read" the images you've lost yourself in. For when you lose yourself in them, you'll feel like only a part of yourself. Your seem to be over here, but everything "over there" is *you* too. If the image is an execution, you'll feel yourself to be *both* criminal and executioner. If a man and a woman holding hands, you'll be *both* of them. To reference the illustration, it's like your whole being is strung out along twelve points of a circle. You're the whole circumference, from noon to midnight, or to speak in #astrology's language, from #Aries to #Pisces. Your being, this circle, is a keyboard. The real spiritual world is what presses the keys. They are what Steiner calls "spiritual consonants." What animates those consonants, like color inside a line or lines between the points of the circle, are "spiritual vowels." And these vowels are "spoken" by the dead. When you can read this way, you've more or less made it. You can see dead people. #spirituality #spiritual #religion #religious #LDS #Mormon #anthroposophy #Christian #God #spirit #NewAge #intuition #energy #faithhopelove #Jungian #archetypal #psychic #telepathy #love
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Some Bright Vlogs

Hey everyone! I've been stalking a few YouTube spiritual personalities for a while now. One of them is Victor Oddo - a tatoo-clad, swearing, douchebag-looking guy who just  happens to be one of the brightest spiritual teachers I have come across. I know it doesn't make sense. But he has such a "high vibration," his aura is so bright, that I can't help coming back to him. A video he posted today was especially "bright. In it, he talks about a mystical experience he had while in rehab and, astonishingly, starts weeping. He describes asking God "why am I here?!" and immediately being transported to a heavenly realm where an angel clad in white, emanating waves of overpowering love, hugs him. I started crying a bit while he said it. But he is not bragging. If you watch the video, you'll see why. I feel that it's important you a) know who he is, and b) hear what he has to say.

Be warned. He does swear in this video.

He's astonishing.

Another person whose videos I love is this Irish girl, whose proper name I don't know, that has a channel called "Soulful Toz." While not quite as bright (that's kinda hard) she is still very bright. Here's an arbitrarily chosen video:

Also, a caution: while the spiritual community on YouTube is great, there are a few personalities to take a grain of salt with. One of these is a woman named Teal Swan. Her principles are more or less true, but her energy is rather dull. Her eyes are pained, not reassuring. She is cynical, not kind. This is in contrast to the people above, whose spiritual capacities came directly from their suffering. They are wounded healers.

To be honest, that last paragraph was mainly to make clear my thoughts to myself. You can ignore it if you want. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Review: The Boundaries of Natural Science

The Boundaries of Natural Science: Eight Lectures Given in Dornach, Switzerland, September 27-October 3, 1920 The Boundaries of Natural Science: Eight Lectures Given in Dornach, Switzerland, September 27-October 3, 1920 by Rudolf Steiner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To inherit our destiny in the west, we need to experience the world without concepts getting in the way. See the tree on the tree's own terms; notice the blueness of the sky, the tallness of the mountain. Let the richness of sensation work on you. This is imagination.

But don't get rid of concepts and thinking - let it ascend to pure thinking, thinking without sense concepts. This is like toneless music, an experience of pure intelligibility. It's called inspiration.

Combined, they make intuition. It's a "hovering above" with thinking (the ego) and a love-filled entering into things with perception. This is like breathing: perceiving as inhalation, thinking as exhalation. Through this breathing, we taste eternity, and we work towards an experience of the spiritual worlds.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review: The Inner Impulses Of Evolution: The Mexican Mysteries And The Knights Templar

The Inner Impulses Of Evolution: The Mexican Mysteries And The Knights Templar The Inner Impulses Of Evolution: The Mexican Mysteries And The Knights Templar by Rudolf Steiner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some insights I loved in this book:

The chapter where Steiner talks about a being who lived in ancient Mesoamerica from AD 1 to AD 33 and who ended a devilish cult and brought a long period of peace. As a Mormon, that's about the most exciting thing Steiner could say. Clairvoyance is awesome, and it's so real.

Moreover, there was a major transition that happened spiritually around the year 1840. (!!!) It has to do with a longing to know about worlds beyond this one.

Mediumistic ghosts are just the detritus of spiritual beings when seen in a sense-based way, as lifeless as our culture is lifeless. They are what is dead in the spiritual world. Spiritualism (seances, crystal balls) is a manifestation of the rampant materialism of the time, only in a "spiritual" mask. It is what happens when one follows the 1840 impulse but in an obsolete way.

A lot is released at death that mediums see, but it is not the person. It's only a shell-like image of them, not unlike the paintings in the Harry Potter universe. The actual person is much more dynamic and alive, and is perceived differently.

In this age of humanity, are supposed to focus our energies on (the spiritualization of) urges, on birth, on death, and on the problem of evil. But Ahriman makes the focus on urges a focus on indulging urges instead of transmuting them, and Lucifer makes the focus on evil into guilt-mongering than an actual transcendence of it.

Ahriman is the spiritual being that worked in Rome, in ancient Aztec rituals, in materialism and anything that cheapens and deadens life. Lucifer is the spiritual being that seeks to escape the material world to make a planet of his own, and he was more interested in the Greeks and the Mongols.

The Greeks and the Romans actually "beat" Lucifer and Ahriman, and those two spiritual beings are redoubling their efforts in the spiritual life of today.

Ahriman squeezes the earth like a lemon, making juice that Lucifer collects and keeping the dead husk for himself.

An active interest in other people is how we work past these devilish forces.

The whole disinterested character of Europe, and especially England, in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries (sweatshops with children, the potato famine, etc.) was initiated and spiritually prefigured by Henry VIII's divorces and the church he founded because he wanted to get divorced.

The Knights Templar were amazingly spiritual, but when they were tortured and killed, they released a force into the spiritual world that sustained us for a long time.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review: Inside an Autistic World

Inside an Autistic World: Spiritual Experiences of People with Autism: Interviews with Hilke, Andreas, Erik and Martin Osika and Jos Meereboer Inside an Autistic World: Spiritual Experiences of People with Autism: Interviews with Hilke, Andreas, Erik and Martin Osika and Jos Meereboer by Wolfgang Weirauch
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Autism as a "failed" incarnation - a hesitancy to incarnate because of past-life traumas like the Holocaust. Not feeling the body, but hanging behind in the world of spirit with the "I." Not separating subject and object but instead living "in" the object. No direct perception of other people but instead a peripheral "living in" them, like when we dream.

So many wonderful insights. A godsend.

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