Monday, July 22, 2019

Drop out of "School"

"[The "school" mindset] speaks with immense authority not just about itself, but about life in general. It is sold to us as a preparation for the whole of existence. But of course, the main thing it does is to prepare us for yet more school; it is an education in how to thrive within its own profoundly peculiar rules - with only a tenuous connection to the world beyond. Knowing all this, we might do a very strange-sounding thing, finally work up the courage to leave our inner school, be it at 28, 35 or 62 - and enter the wider boundless world we have been in flight from for too long."

What they identify as the mindset that "school" drills into us is, I feel, the demon of abstraction, which sells us the lie that a thought's "what" is more important than it's "who," the pretend authority of a thought (you're fat, you're stupid, you're evil, etc.) that desperately doesn't want you to look behind the curtain. This demon, these thoughts, this authority, is the moment when you think you'll be miserable forever when you were laughing uproariously just yesterday. It's the obsessive, myopic focus on the part at the expense of the whole. This abstraction, this tyranny of accuracy, forgets that what a thought does is far more important that what it says. Would you trust a person who told you that you're stupid, evil, etc.? Why would you trust your own thoughts that say the same thing? We give our thoughts the authority of schoolmasters. But you shouldn't. Be a rebel. Graffiti the walls of their classrooms. For they are *not* the real world.

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