Saturday, June 10, 2017

Instagram: Shared Identity in the Spiritual World

#RudolfSteiner describes how in the #spiritual world, identity works in a weird way. In the world before birth and after death, you can only get to know someone by becoming like him or her. You have to, in a very real sense, transform yourself into that person to know them. Individuality goes away, at least in the sense we think of it physically. Identity constantly shifts. We put on different faces from moment to moment. In the spiritual world, there is no "me" or "you." There's only a shifting-weaving sense of presence, a quality of sympathy and antipathy that differs not only in degree but also in quantity. If you really detest country music, imagine finding yourself really loving it. Or if you are attracted to one gender, imagine suddenly finding yourself attracted to the other. These are the kinds of transformations that occur in the spiritual world. But, of course, the physical world is different. Here, I am "me" and "me" alone. This lets us have a will, to be able to will things as an individual, something the spiritual world lacks. *Will* is what makes us a single individual, and we can only will by means of a physical body. That's why we're in the physical world in the first place – to become a permanent *me* - since it's something beings in the spiritual world lack and long for. Such a "me," I'm sure, gives the spiritual world an identity to live in from there on out, much like a transit stop they can enter and leave. But we long for something more than permanent identity. Or at least I do. Identity is a nice thing, but the adventure of weaving *between* identities seems so wonderful to me. To be a different person every day. 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. #spirituality #religious #anthroposophy #waldorf #NewAge #shaman #pagan #wiccan #occult #LDS #Mormon #spirit #spirits #Christian #Christ #God #faith #hope #love #faithhopelove #afterlife #intuition #intuitive #empath #empathy #meditation #meditative
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