Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: Anthroposophy in Everyday Life

Anthroposophy in Everyday Life: Practical Training in Thoughtovercoming Nervousnessfacing Karmathe Four Temperaments Anthroposophy in Everyday Life by Rudolf Steiner
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To improve thinking, try to take mental snapshots of things and recall them with exact detail. Then, going back to the thing, notice what has changed. Let the world teach you, not representations of the world.

To strengthen the etheric body, the I, pay attention. Use force in your thinking!

Your higher self seeks out suffering to improve itself. You can think of all suffering like this.

There are four temperaments: choleric (hot-headed), sanguine (flighty), phlegmatic (passive), and melancholic (suffering). You help the choleric by being competent. You help the sanguine by guiding attention through your personality. You help the phlegmatic by cultivating interest through interesting people. You help the melancholic by letting her know your own experience in suffering.

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