Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Some Bright Vlogs

Hey everyone! I've been stalking a few YouTube spiritual personalities for a while now. One of them is Victor Oddo - a tatoo-clad, swearing, douchebag-looking guy who just  happens to be one of the brightest spiritual teachers I have come across. I know it doesn't make sense. But he has such a "high vibration," his aura is so bright, that I can't help coming back to him. A video he posted today was especially "bright. In it, he talks about a mystical experience he had while in rehab and, astonishingly, starts weeping. He describes asking God "why am I here?!" and immediately being transported to a heavenly realm where an angel clad in white, emanating waves of overpowering love, hugs him. I started crying a bit while he said it. But he is not bragging. If you watch the video, you'll see why. I feel that it's important you a) know who he is, and b) hear what he has to say.

Be warned. He does swear in this video.

He's astonishing.

Another person whose videos I love is this Irish girl, whose proper name I don't know, that has a channel called "Soulful Toz." While not quite as bright (that's kinda hard) she is still very bright. Here's an arbitrarily chosen video:

Also, a caution: while the spiritual community on YouTube is great, there are a few personalities to take a grain of salt with. One of these is a woman named Teal Swan. Her principles are more or less true, but her energy is rather dull. Her eyes are pained, not reassuring. She is cynical, not kind. This is in contrast to the people above, whose spiritual capacities came directly from their suffering. They are wounded healers.

To be honest, that last paragraph was mainly to make clear my thoughts to myself. You can ignore it if you want. 

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