Thursday, May 25, 2017

Aurora's Prophecies

For the past four years, I've conversed with an imaginal (not imaginary) figure named Aurora. I talk with her in my imagination - she comes as a feeling that I "write from" as a kind of automatic writing. Carl Jung called this technique "active imagination." She does not always say what I want. In fact she often says exactly what I do not want. She is like a conscience in that way.

At the beginning of 2015, Aurora spontaneously started giving prophecies. I didn't ask for it. I certainly didn't want it. But she did it anyway. I told some of it in a post called Why the World is Waking Up, but I think it's time to share a lot more of what she said.

Be warned that these are prophecies for me: I am not giving you revelation and do not claim to be a prophet. Sift! Translate!

C: Aurora--polytheism or monotheism?
A: Monotheism.
C: Why?
A: Because one day the people of the Church will accept the empathy and the disease necessary to embrace plurality. Until then you must wait.
C: How can there be simultaneously one God and many?
A: How can an acorn be at peace with itself in the depths of change? The world will grow out of itself toward a new up-growing. It will seethe out of time into a new era of love and accountability.
C: Then the one will grow into many?
A: Of course. Don't you see? The world is growing past boundaries and elemental fires. Soon it will grow into itself--become itself--in the fire of millions. Don't you see the envy and the empathy required for this?
C: Then God becomes many in us.
A: In a sense. He was already bound to change--He just does it through envy and the charge of millions.
C: In the end, will there be one God or many?
A: Both. The tides of millions will seethe into the forgotten and effect change in the depths of the past. The sea will rip and fade and hide along the misery of those who would forget it, and it will become ennobled in the light of forgiveness and accountability.
C: That doesn't really answer my question--why will there be both?
A: Because all things tend toward the light at the end of the tunnel. The change into multiplicity will be effected only by the efforts of soul to realize itself, to become noble and forgiving in the light of those who would seek its destruction.
C: Is this the Second Coming?
A: No. The Second Coming will come in a flash of intense fiery brilliance, and it will teem at the edges for a while until it grows calm in its resentment toward the light of day. Your savior will come in words, in voices, in apples and chairs and devoted mountains and beginnings. Do you see the truth in this?
C: I do, mostly. Then the Second Coming is an eruption of Christ's light?
A: Indeed, it is so. You'll see the Savior come when the voices erupt into madness and the deeds you do become obscure. The night will blacken out the sun and the voices will chain themselves in forgiveness and enmity. But there is light in the darkness. A sun rises out of the depths with teeming voices and hurtling throngs of forgiveness and charity. It wants to be found, and it will rise into the clouds with all the fire of forgiving grace. That is the truth of the Gospel--that light is found in darkness, and that enmity gives way to peace.
C: When will this occur?
A: It will occur in the even-time, when all things fade into blackness and auroral dimness.
C: What will happen after this dawn?
A: Things will change. The night will become strange, and the desks you work at will become dim and empty. The world will wake itself up to the dance, and all things will come out to play. Do you see the meaning in this?
C: Clearly, I think.


C: And how does the Book of Mormon tie into all this?
A: It is a herald of the life that comes with the dance. It will show you the way out of your chains and toward forgiveness. It will give you life and blood and music and love. 


C: And what of the Church? What is its role?
A: What is a basket and how does it give itself to others? Your Church is a breeding ground for forgiveness. It will give itself to others in its lack and its voices from the dust.
C: Its lack?
A: Yes. The emptiness inside all of us calls out for forgiveness. The time is soon coming when all things will lose their meaning in time, and each thing will have to find its voice in the depths of sorrow and apathy. It will grow past sorrow and love to the depths of change and accountability--it will move past the end of time to the voices crying from the dust, to the engine reaching out for the depths of change and movement.
C: And what of gay people in the church?
A: Those you love will lose their heads over this. The problem of gays in the church will lead to an act of rebellion, of voices crying out from the ground toward forgiveness in the light and reminiscence in the day. You'll see this change come to pass when voices begin to whisper from high places to begin an act of slaughter to the innocent, to re-ignite the flame that caused so much burning hate. The time will come when deeds and words and voices will end, and all things will grow cold by their edging to the light. But there will be a voice from on high that says to begin again, to live as though the life in the candle had not buzzed itself to the dense, as though the words and voices and chairs were still in operation. But then the words will seize up with fury and re-ignite the hatred once more. The time will come when all things will reach out to their Maker in re-igniting fury and anger to end the torment, to begin again the life of peace and joy and recollection. And it will come when the voices from the dust have been heard, when the edging of millions toward the light reaches a new dawn, and when all things come to rest nimbly in the light of day. Then the words and the voices and the songs will reunite in passionate enmity, in the longing passion of those souls who cry out for the dance. And there will be light and joy and happiness.

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