Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why You Don't Have to be Worried (Swedenborg on Anxiety)

"Elsewhere in the body there are other secretory and excretory organs. In the brain there are ventricles and mamillary processes which drain away viscid substances. In addition to this there are glands in all parts, such as those producing mucus and saliva in the head, and very many in the body. Also there are millions next to the skin through which sweat and more minute used matter are excreted. Those who in the spiritual world correspond to these are in general spirits who hold on tenaciously to their point of view and also spirits who take a conscientious stand on issues that are not vitally important. Some of these are seen midway overhead; their nature is such that they make meticulous enquiries into matters into which no such enquiries at all ought to be made. Consequently, because they burden the consciences of simple people they are called 'the conscientious ones'. Yet they have no knowledge of what true conscience is, because they make all issues into matters of conscience. For if a thing is subjected to minute questioning or to doubt and the mind is anxiously fixed on such, ideas supporting this attitude and weighing the mind down are never absent. When such spirits are present they also bring a feeling of anxiety that registers in the part of the abdomen located immediately beneath the diaphragm. They are also present with a person during temptations. I have talked to them and have noticed that their thoughts do not extend to any concern for matters that have greater purpose or that are vitally important. They were incapable of paying any attention to reasons offered to them because they persisted in holding on tenaciously to their own opinion." - Emanuel Swedenborg (Arcana Coelestia 5386)
In brief, if you feel a pit in your stomach, that's a sign that what you're worrying about is literally of no consequence. Relax.

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